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What is an Interchange Fee?

An interchange fee are the charges that are levied on the merchant to cover the fees which are passed on from the merchant bank to the customers bank. They vary by bank, region, size of transaction, etc

What is PCI Compliance?

The large processors including Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and large banking institutions have protocols for securing customers information. Safeguarding client information is critical from a civil and regulatory basis. PCI compliance is the set of rules which lays out the rules governing your required steps and possible penalties for non compliance.

What is a Discount Fee on business credit card statement?

The Discount fee is the charge by your bank or your ISO who facilitates your processing, billing, invoicing, and general servicing of your account. Discount fees vary by level of service, account risk type, number of transactions, and volume.

What is Virtual Terminal for merchant processing??

A virtual terminal is a turn key approach for your merchant account needs. It generally is a simple step account kick off which does not require any significant integrations to enable your pricessing capability. 

What is Tokenization for credit cards?

Tokenization is a critical step in ECommerce as well as with Recurring Charges, It is the process of securing or "tokenizing" customer information maintained in a customer database. Tokenization is a PCI compliance required step to maintain a consumer account where the account information will be utilized in transactions post the initial transaction/payment.

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How do I handle Recurring credit card and ach Payments Better?

One of the best parts of working with us is we offer consulting services at no cost to our customers. We will always help to identify the best platforms and processes to help you be successful.

Which POS system is best for my business?

Our current POS system of choice is Clover, the top system in the world and recognized by most lending insitutions. With us, your equipment is generally free including training on how to use it.

How much should I be paying for credit card merchant fees?

Merchant fees are based upon 2 basic factors  a) interchange fees, bank charges between the paying and the receiving lender for credit cards . b) your risk profile which we help try enhance utilizing underwriting best practices. 

Should my business use Pay Pal?

Of course, you should have as many avenues to collecting fees as possible.

How do know if I am a High Risk credit card Business?

Any future dated product will be shown as high risk: Travel, Multi Level Marketing are our specialty.

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I had a credit card merchant account canceled once, can I still qualify?

Of course. We will help identify the reasons for the past issue and work to insure that we choose a bank which understands and fits your business profile.

What is involved with establishing a New Account?

It's simple: 1) send us three months statements to review and determine our ability to save you money . 2) once step 1 is complete, we gather basic information about your business. There is no cost to you for this process.

How Long Does it take to get a New Account started?

Typically from three days to twenty ones days depending upon the level of risk.

How quickly do I receive my funds with my merchant account?

Typically daily unless there are other considerations related to product delivery.

What is ACH and how does it work? What are the fees for ACH?

Payments directly from your customers bank to your account. This is a terrific benefit at very low expense to your business. 

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